Silver Map is a purpose made entity to properties investment by its parent company, Advanced Oasis International (AOI) which also owns Silver Max Asia Pacific Limited (SMAP).
SMAP is a seasoned properties investment arm of AOI and focus upon resort and retirement properties in South East Asia region which may include East & West Malaysia, Southern Thailand and Bali, Indonesia.

Our Mission

Riding on the state of the art Fintech, Silver Map offers to all investors, young and aged alike, an opportunity to experience the clean and comfortable habitat, long, medium and short term ones. In ASEAN countries with an ultimate good to be a property owner in an affortable approach.

Our Vision

To ensure our next generation can afford a habitat located in these beautiful places at their golden years, the aforesaid properties are tokenized through fractionalization to enable our next generation to :


Be rewarded from investment at early stage of your life


Enjoy hefty dividend of investment


By accumulating sufficient tokens, investors may elect to convert them to an apartment unit located at these scenic spots


In the upcoming future, Silver Map will devote more resources in the Fintech area to facilitate investment at all levels.


All MAMI Tokens are backed by properties


Investment may be started with a small amount of grow over time.