MAMI Token

Our first MAMI Token is backed by our real estate assets MM Residency. MAMI Token is restricted and monitored from Philippines SFC. It can trade in Cryptosx, is our STO exchange partnership

STO Offering to Investor


Investors can receive the dividend once he/she holds a number of Silver Map security tokens, once our properties completed a financial year and auditing, we will be launching a special dividend. The amount of dividend will be depending on the profits of the financial year and will be sending to the investor through the STO exchange as an additional Silver Map security token.

Utility Token

Once the STO investor holds a number of Silver Map tokens for specific periods, investor will be receiving the Utility token as a gift. The Utility token can be redeeming as a hotel room E-ticketing to enjoy the hotels service under Impiana Hotel Group. Silver Map Group is the strategic alliance with Impiana Hotel Group, under this alliance, the Utility token holders can redeem the token following the token rate card, different grade of rooms require different numbers of utility tokens.

Conversion of token to property

When the subscriber acquires sufficient amount of tokens, he/she is welcome to convert the token to the ownership of a serviced suite at a predetermined rate as stated in the offer at a wide range of scenic destinations documents.

Right to stay in Malaysia

Through the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme, should a subscriber acquires a predetermined amount as stated on the offer documents.